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Redefining what's possible

In late January, writer/director/producer Thomas DeCarlo gave a compelling presentation on how his studio in Bloomington, Indiana is driving innovation in computer animation – a remarkable achievement in small-town Indiana. Thomas’s engaging presentation provided insight into how “indie-style” animation studio fits within the larger industry, and the many ways DeCarlo Animation is combining exciting new technologies with a unique production model to create world-class content at a fraction of the cost of traditional studios.

Prior to the presentation, a tequila tasting by world-renowned tequila expert Jay “Tequila Jay” Baer added an extra layer of fun to the event (hence the many references to tequila in Thomas’s talk – scroll down to watch it yourself!).

Thomas and his mocap gloves. Thomas demonstrates how his motion capture gloves capture detailed hand motion.

A zoom call with the film's animated star.

The film’s animated star joins the presentation virtually (obviously).

“Tequila Jay” describes the years-long process to create tequila during the pre-presentation tasting.

Facial Capture Thomas demonstrates how to animate a 3D character’s face with a simple iPhone.

“Tequila Jay” describes the years-long process to create tequila during the pre-presentation tasting.

Event attendees Event attendees learned about tequila and computer animation!

Glasses of tequila set out for the tasting. It takes 7 years to grow blue agave, the basis of all tequila!

Watch the Full Presentation

The Encounter Teaser

We are currently fundraising to produce a 60 second, full-quality teaser for The Encounter. It is the last step to proving to our industry connections that a little studio in the Midwest can produce animation that’s worthy of the big screen. This round of funding has predominantly come from the central Indiana region – people who want to see more growth in the creative and tech economies in Indiana.

Download a short deck about getting the teaser produced.

Learn more about Thomas DeCarlo's forthcoming feature film!


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